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"During October 2007, we were approached re purchasing a Franking Machine; I had my doubts as to whether it would benefit our medical practice.  The sales person worked out how much our practice would save on money terms and also made me aware of the wasted time used throughout the working weeks going to the Post Office with recorded deliveries and also to the bank to firstly cash a cheque and then the Post Office to purchase stamps.  I have recommended to two of the managers in the Health Centre the advantages of having a franking machine in practice."

Trisha Donnelly, Practice Manager, Glasgow

"The whole sales process went well – the sales rep explained everything and answered all my questions. FP doesn’t seem to charge everything onto the customer, which is great, especially for a small business like mine!  It is convenient that the franking machine is simply one machine with scale and meter in one. Also when using FP's website, www.fpmailing.co.uk I found it to be clear and neat".

Mark Bind, Director, South West London

"I have received excellent service from FP Mailing, from advice about which machine to install right through until after sales.  A friendly member of the FP Mailing team visited me and assessed our mailing needs and together we were able to choose the most cost effective machine for the business.  The machine itself is easy to set up and use, even though I was a first time user.  The results look professional, especially as we were able to add our company logo to the print. In addition I have used the after sales service, who were able to answer my query straight away.  I would recommend FP Mailing to any business."

Stacey Burgess, Receptionist, Leeds

"The decision to choose FP was based on their professionalism and happily we made the right choice as purchase of the equipment was reasonable and product performance accurate and simple to use.  The sales service is excellent and immediate as a customer expects.  The staff are polite, friendly and make every effort to assist one".

Anne Cannings, Company Secretary, Romford

"From the outset FP have provided an outstanding level of service and support. They have made our mail out campaigns alot easier and our marketing look more professional.  The ability to have a personalised logo on our mail has allowed us to promote our company on every piece of mail we send, which enhances brand awareness and adds a professional touch to all our envelopes. In an industry where brand image counts for so much, these finishing touches are certainly a bonus.  The mail gets sorted fast, correct postage is instantly calculated and the machine is also good on the ink. FP have been very professional, friendly, helpful and have a great after sales service. Their website also is a great helping point with its FAQs and has saved me time trying to find certain answers when setting the machine up. FP have taken the hassle out of everything. Even if I have a query about my connection or receiving postage I just pick up the phone and there's always a friendly person at the other end who talks me through what I have to do! I have been with FP over 2 years now and can definitely say that in just one day the machine has reversed a lifetime of inefficient postal practice."

Joanne Lusby, Managing Director, Belfast

"We have had an FP franking machines now for over 5 years and it has always been 100% reliable.  The after sales service has always been very good, as is FP's website.  It is a pleasure doing business with FP"

Barry Phillips, Owner, Oxford

"I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for the support and service received from FP.  We are a satisfied customer of FP and intend to continue using FP products and services in the future.  I have found FP respond rapidly and efficiently to demands regarding product sales and after sales services and staff have successfully identified our needs and indicated the right products for the task.  All problems encountered have been rapidly solved and courtesy has been foremost in every response, with individuals providing excellent support and understanding.  I recognise FP's ability to identify and resolve issues by professional and competent means, from sales to technical assistance, and from products to a rapid supply of after sales." 

Martin Dakin, Finance Administrator, Leicestershire


"Staff are very competent, providing our company with up to date products and information. FP Mailing after sales service is second to none and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company to other clients."
Helen Smith, South East London

"I can fully recommend FP Mailing services and their products.  FP Mailing understood my requirements and historically I knew they could deliver.  If there is ever a problem with our franking machine I have always managed to get it sorted with the support and help of their customer service who always have the time and knowledge to rectify same.  FP Mailing staff have always been professional and courteous at all times and the mailing equipment provided has been of great benefit to our business saving us time and cost as well as creating a more efficient and organised administration office."
Lisa Symons, Director, Real Estate

"We have been using the FPI1010 folder inserter for a couple of years with ease and efficiency. Both accounts and marketing teams use the inserter for various mailings throughout the year, saving hours of mundane folding and paper cut fingers! Only on one occasion have we needed a service call. The support team responded promptly, the engineer arrived at the prearranged time, provided us with an explanation as to the issue and fixed the problem. We could not have asked for better service"

Angela Spratt, Sales and Marketing Manager, Telecommunications

"We have been very pleased with the service from FP Mailing so far, their customer service has been excellent, as well as their after sales advice.  We have had no problems with our machine, and any queries that we did have were dealt with efficiently and in a professional manner.  We have even recommended them to another company."

Leanne Davies, Estates Manager, Financial Admin

"The original sale was conducted in a way that gave me confidence that the salesperson had extensive knowledge of the product and procedures.  It is so much quicker now franking our daily post - the integrated scales speed up the weighing process as the franking machine automatically sets itself to the correct amount.  The SMS text facility has also been very useful as we send quite a lot of international post and we can set the text to say “Airmail”.  The recrediting process has proved to be very quick and easy and the after sales service has been very good.  It is clear that the call handlers know what they are talking about and they are very helpful.  FP's website is very comprehensive.  It contains a lot of useful information for example how to recredit our franking machine and it gives us access to our teleset account."

Emma Binstead-Smith, Administration Manager, Software

"FP Mailing have a very friendly & professional sales team, who have assisted us in choosing the franking machine more suitable for our business.  FP Mailing have a very helpful & friendly after sales service unlike other companies who dont even bother contacting you after selling you the product.  Their website is very organised and easy to navigate around, this has helped us to view different products, read information on them and then choose a suitable machine based on the information.  Since we have had our franking machine, we have not had any problems whatsoever. I am very delighted with the overall performance of the product and it performs to the highest level."

Abid Shah, Company Manager, Textiles

"We have been using an FP franking machine for over 6 years and from the beginning we have been very happy with both the machine and the customer service that came with the package.  We were given very good advice about what machine we needed and are kept up to date with any new technology that comes out on a regular basis.  As for after sales service we have our own dedicated person who we can call if we have any problems or need to change our usage quota.  I have found that if I need to find out information I would either ring my customer services representative or go onto the FP mailing website, both will provide me with the answer that I need.  FP Mailing works together with our company to make sure that as one of their customers our needs are met to the fullest without any compromises."

Zung Tang, Branch Manager, Recruitment

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