GDPR | How FP Mailing can help you?

Physical letters are safe!

We are aware that even though GDPR is going to have a positive impact on individuals it is providing some restraints for marketers.

However, we wanted to let you know a few tips for successful marketing after GDPR has come into play.

Legitimate interest – You don’t need consent for postal marketing

As per one of the 6 lawful basis for processing personal data, if you have legitimate interest in marketing to individuals then you do not need their consent to send them physical mail; unlike email, SMS marketing and some phone calls.

Less regulatory unknowns – It’s less scary

Physical mail doesn’t fall under electronic regulations such as PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation) / E-Privacy regulations, therefore you can feel more at ease when sending marketing material out to customers and prospects.

Higher response rate than email – It’s more personal

It’s worth the additional work of printing, folding, franking and posting your marketing material as more people respond to receiving physical mail than electronic mail*.

It’s more likely for your customer to receive mail – Higher access rate

Just think of all of those email accounts you have and how unregularly you check them…  this wouldn’t be a problem if you were to receive all of your mail physically.

Unaddressed mail  – No personal data

Don’t forget, you can send unaddressed marketing mail to addresses and this does not fall under GDPR at all, as there is no personal data to identify an individual. It’s a great way for your business to access a large volume of customers too!

*Marketing Profs -Head-to-Head: Direct Mail vs. Email – April 2017

Franking helps you keep on top of it all

Every letter that you send franked by FP Mailing can have your return address on. This means you can pick up any wrongly addressed customers or prospects, as these letters will be ‘returned to sender’. You can then use Royal Mail industry leading update and suppression files to update your data and ensure stronger and more effective data accuracy.


Did you know? FP Mailing also supplies GDPR compliance software. Get in touch to find out more

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