Folder inserters

Folding and inserting machines from desktop to high volume systems.

Work directly with a manufacturer of with over 90 years in the mailing industry.

folder inserters

Discover the FP range of Folder inserters

FPi600  franking machine

Small office, folder inserter with dual station and automatic double feed detector.

folder inserters

folder inserter

FPi2300  franking machine

Low volume franking system at up to 30 cycles per minute for small businesses, cost svaing,accurate and efficient.

folder inserters

folder inserters

FPI 4700  franking machine

Flexible and flat folding and inserting for mid range volumes..

folder inserters

FPi 5700  franking machine

Part of the Elite Series; documents can be fed from up to 6 stations, available in various configurations. The high capacity vertical stacker holds 500 envelopes, ergonomically designed for easy handling, allowing 4,000 cycles per hour.

folder inserters

smaller size

FPi 6700  franking machine

Part of the Elite Series; The FPi 6700 has a 10-inch glass display and is completely flexible with 2-7 stations, allowing 4,300 cycles per hour.

folder inserters

Delegate your entire document mailing operation – business letters, single or multiple item mailings, invoices, account or wage and salary statements to an efficient high performance inserting machine. Add supplements like reply cards, flyers or return envelopes with ease. You can also use the folding function to produce brochures without inserting. Automatic optical mark recognition (OMR). The inserter can read coded marks on the documents to reliably determine the number and sequence of documents intended for a single addressee. Especially useful for mailing multi-page invoices. We have a folder inserter to suit your business, enquire with FP. In addition to this a franking machine can be a complement to your folder inserter machine, which can streamline your mailing processes.