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Recent reports show that the parcel market is on the increase and it’s no surprise as I for one seem to have multiple parcels landing on my desk each week.

I order so much online that I often forget what I’ve purchased and opening each parcel feels like an exciting surprise.

I send them to my workplace to hide the amount I buy from my partner and my work colleagues and I share a giggle as another parcel arrives for one of us, knowing that we’re all doing the exact same thing.

The work door rings and you see various faces around the office turn around in anticipation “is the delivery for me?” and then you hear a sigh when it’s not for the person who’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of the outfit they plan to wear that same evening or the latest gadget from Amazon.

When the Christmas Party week comes along the office post procedure becomes as a busy as Piccadilly Circus with parcels and packages going back and forth out of the door as the returns go back and the new outfit options arrive.

No wonder the postal market has seen a boom in recent years, this is just one work office story that sees 4 different couriers arriving on a daily basis.

Apply this to the rest of the UK and it’s easy to picture the large scale of the postal figures.

Businesses across the UK need to meet this increasing demand and having a good mailing process in place has to be a priority for all businesses operating in the 21st century.  

FP Mailing totally get this and that’s why our PostBase Mini franking machine now has the option of an external scale with an increased weight allowance of 5kg. The PostBase Mini is the only entry level machine on the market to offer this.

We are even offering additional discounts for businesses sending parcels that weigh between 2 and 5kg in weight. The perfect solution for small businesses and online sellers. With FP’s exclusive Mailmark Extra, our customers can receive an additional saving on top of Royal Mail Mailmark rates!

UK consumers are predicted to spend £106.46 billion online in 2019 (E-Commerce, 2019). At least we don’t have to feel guilty about our spending, we are clearly not alone when it comes to online shopping!

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